Getting involved


We are delighted that such a large number of people have expressed an interest in joining the conference. Please take a look at the online participant list to see who will be around and what their interests are. Participants are encouraged to contact each other via Twitter or email to arrange online meetings or chats amongst themselves. If you would like to organise one – for example a particular interest group – and would like us to flag this please let us know and we can share the information (and tips on keeping online meetings safe).

If all the speakers and interested participants want to join all the live sessions, we may not have enough space. We have room for 100 but apologise if there are some who miss out on parts of the discussion. However, we imagine that many will choose to join only some of the sessions and that there should, therefore, be sufficient space.

Accessing content and joining live sessions

Please see the Programme for the timing of events. New posts will appear here for each session just before their scheduled start time. For paper panels (Sessions 1, 3, 5 and 7) the posts will include the speakers’ names, their paper titles and abstracts, and you will be given or directed to their paper content. All these speakers are introduced here. You will have 50 minutes (for three-paper sessions) or 70 minutes (for four-paper sessions) to read, watch and/or listen to the papers. These pages will also carry a link to the online meeting where we will hold the Q&A and discussion for the final 40 or 50 minutes of the session. Click on this at the time stated and you will be admitted to the meeting.

During online sessions we ask for patience and consideration to others. There may be delays and difficulties because of the unfamiliarity of the technology or unreliability of internet connections. Speakers should be given the utmost respect and cordial thanks for having swiftly turned to electronic formats and for presenting research while a) lacking opportunity to check material in libraries and archives and b) getting used to new ways of life at home and work. Audience members should take the following steps during formal sessions.


Speakers and chairs will form a panel, keeping their audio and video on. No one apart from the chairs and speakers in workshop or plenary sessions will be enabled to share their screens or slides.

Other sessions (Sessions 2, 4, 6 and 8) will have different formats, which will be made clear in the relevant posts. These sessions may be entirely live or include a pre-recorded presentation followed by a live meeting. Biographies for keynote and workshop speakers will appear on the relevant session post.

If anything is unclear or you have problems accessing sessions or content, please contact us at @Met_Sci or email metsci [a] You are welcome to share links to the website and thoughts on the papers online but please do not share the links to the live meetings on social media or mention which platform we are using.

I apologise to those who would have been at the physical conference but whose circumstances mean that they are not able to join the virtual one. However, finally, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all of the speakers and discussants and to the Metropolitan Science team who are making it possible for the event to go ahead. In particular, Noah Moxham for an enormous amount of work in programming and organising first a physical and then a virtual conference, Daniel Belteki for helping to create and upload the online content (with the help of his international network of contacts and their computer power!), and Ali Boyle and Jasmine Kilburn-Toppin for helping us work out how to do this and asking the right questions along the way.

And thank you all for being part of this and helping us to make it work!

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